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Supporting Professional Women Healing From The Pain Of Separation and Divorce.  

What is divorce coaching?
The American Bar Association neatly defines divorce coaching as a “flexible”, goal-oriented process designed to support, motivate, and guide people going through divorce to help them make the best possible decisions for their future, based on their interests, needs, and concerns.


What is the difference between a mental health professional and divorce coaching?
There are some similarities, however a therapist, psychologist, counselor and/or social worker are licensed trained professionals that will assist you with the treatment of mental healthcare.  A divorce coach is a qualified thinking partner who will help you gain clarity and direction of what is important to you as you move towards your future; and during the process you will gain personal awareness, confidence as well as learn valuable information that will assist you with your next steps in accomplishing a forward-thinking outcome that will help you produce your best-self and become a more credible client for your legal representative.


  • Stop the feeling of pain from a heartbreak?

  • Gain more confidence before, during and after your divorce.

  • Cope better with unhappiness and betrayal?

  • Gain more confidence and manage conflict effectively?

  • Empower your children to cope better with divorce?

  • Create a future you are will be happy with about?

             If you answered YES to any of these questions you have come to the right place!

Empowerment Declaration

Dear Future,

TODAY I declare and I decree that I vow to forgive myself for each mis-step that I have made in my previous relationship and I allow myself to start a personal healing journey from anger, pain, grief, embarrassment, and unhappiness. 
I apologize for making you wait, but through this time I have realized that this experience has allowed me to find the strength to move on.  I owe it to you to empower myself with a Certified Divorce Coach® that will support and assist me with establishing clarity to my today, so that I can move my life closer to what matters to me the most which is my healing process, my children and my life's purpose!  Dear Lord help me to succeed using Grace, Godliness, and Grit!
I declare and I decree that starting today I am ready to take the necessary steps to begin to shed my old identity and everything that has brought me past hurts, pains, depression, and loneliness. I am working hard to transform my new chapter into "ME 2.0".  My past no longer defines who I am and I look forward to unlocking the limitless possibilities you have for me!
I can't wait to meet you!




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Our purpose is to guide a client towards being a better

and more confident person. We achieve this by being an advocate and an educated supporter for those who are seeking qualified answers during a life event.  Our main objective is to help you effectively navigate and achieve a suitable resolution to Divorce in the 21st century™ using guidance, goals, and grit!

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