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Divorce Coaching and Life Strategy

Leslie D. Smith, CDC®, CLC

Divorce Coaching Maven| Advocate | Life Strategist

What is divorce coaching?

The American Bar Association neatly defines divorce coaching as a “flexible”, goal-oriented process designed to support, motivate, and guide people going through a divorce to help them make the best possible decisions for their future, based on their interests, needs, and concerns.


What is the difference between a mental health professional and divorce coaching?
There are some similarities, however, a therapist, psychologist, counselor, and/or social worker have licensed trained professionals that will assist you with the treatment of mental healthcare.  A divorce coach is a qualified thinking partner who will help you gain clarity and direction of what is important to you as you move towards your future; and during the process, you will gain personal awareness, confidence as well as learn valuable information that will assist you with your next steps in accomplishing a forward-thinking outcome that will help you produce your best self and become a more credible client for your legal representative.

Divorce in the 21st Century™ has changed significantly, family dynamics are structured differently, and the lenses of love are no longer viewed from a traditional perspective. 

  • Are you looking for hope and guidance as you walk down the pathway of untying the knot?  


  • Are you searching for confidence and clarity?


  • Are you in need of direction, concerned about your financial bottom-line, and don’t know where to start in getting organized for the divorce process? 


  • Are you feeling overwhelmed, depressed, paralyzed by fear, and need to reduce your stress level?


  • Are you struggling with remaining clear on the direction of your situation and need tools to help you achieve your best self, so that you will become a more credible client for your legal representation?


  • Are you experiencing mental roadblocks and blind spots, and you’re not equipped in handling this type of conflict and loss?




Leslie D. Smith, CDC®, CLC

Divorce Coaching Maven | Advocate | Life Strategist

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