Hi There I'm Leslie!



Leslie D. Smith, CLC®, CDC® 

Divorce Coaching Maven| Advocate | Life Strategist

The Founder and CEO of The Leslie Co®, a Divorce Coaching and Life Strategy practice based in the Greater Metropolitan area of Houston, Texas and I am an amazing champion for you! 


My humble beginnings are from a small Texas city, and I am also a proud first-generation college graduate.

The ideal person who connects with me is contemplating a divorce, currently in the process of divorce, or in the post-divorce process because they have fallen out of love with their current life partner.


​Having gone through the devastation of a divorce, I understand how overwhelming, confusing, and frightening the process can be. In 2010, I went through this life event myself.  I realized my own personal divorce story fueled me with significant purpose and made a powerful impact on my life — creating the perfect time and opportunity to serve within this platform.  As an empathetic listener, I seek to understand your unique needs and concerns. I can help remove barriers, stress, and roadblocks to allow peace to enter your mind and heart, and infuse you with a new sense of purpose and direction. Most importantly, I can help you create a plan of action to get you “On the Other Side Of Thru”! 




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