Divorce coaching with Leslie will give you tools to STEP FORWARD so that you feel ready to take on your personal wellness or your divorce process by supporting you with concepts, tips, and ideas to prevent you from having a costly divorce.
While I cannot guarantee that this will be pain free, I can guarantee that by engaging in this process you will feel more equip with the tools needed to take you forward towards a better outcome for your future.
One Hour Of Clarity.
  A one-hour clarity session to clear a roadblock you may be           experiencing.
  • Designed for you to confront, learn, and conquer a specific challenge or concern about your case.
  • Gain a fresh concept or idea to deal with a situation.
  • Create a strategic solution to be utilized as a positive solution to a challenge you are facing.
Cross Roads?
How to determine if you should press the pause button or make the decision to move on from your relationship.
Divorce is one of the hardest life-altering decisions to make; this proven step process is designed for those who are not in the divorce stage yet but “contemplating divorce” and need to seek clarity and direction on whether separation and/or divorce is the right move. Get unstuck, gain valuable insight, and the courage needed to prepare to take that next steps to talk it out with your significant other.
  • Not feeling the emotional love you once had for your relationship or your partner?
  • Looking at Divorce as an option?
  • Get the creditable support you deserve from a qualified thinking partner and certified coach.
Signature Private Client Package.
My work with you will be a guided customized process centered around your specific needs, timing, and is milestone-based. Here are just a few of the topics we will cover during our time together plus many more.
  •  How to communicate with your family, children and friends.
  •  Identifying the additional resources needed for your process.
  •  Finding the correct legal counsel for your case.
  •  Preparing for mediation; coaching support during the process.
  •  Unlock what you truly desire and want in your next steps from your case and your future.
Release date coming soon!
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Walk towards a brighter future after a Divorce!

Our purpose is to guide a client towards being a better

and more confident person. We achieve this by being an advocate and an educated supporter for those who are seeking qualified answers during a life event.  Our main objective is to help you effectively navigate and achieve a suitable resolution to Divorce in the 21st century™ using guidance, goals, and grit!

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